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assistED App is developed with a unique combination of services and facilities that effectively cater to the constantly evolving international student recruitment industry. With everything from university and program searching to projects/internship & scholarships and an unlimited access to a huge knowledge base the portal has something for everyone. For students, this is an excellent method to find information about schools, special events, course details, calendar, and academic resources and contact information. For universities, assistED App is the perfect platform to access the international student population at one single location and communicate with them through various channels such as advertising, articles, webinars & fairs. For consultants, it is an effective source of large number of prospective students who are actively looking for study abroad information and require quality counselling & guidance.

The idea behind this application is to give our users a much needed common ground to not just browse for university information but to also discuss and debate on the various issues and concerns raised commonly, to share know how on new programs and universities, to counsel and to even locate nearby agents/students and so on.

Our Vision

Our assistED works on Unified Technology and is considered to be a highly regarded hub and resources for International activity and will connect a bridge between International University, Students and partners for fetching information globally and provide prompt support. Our excellent network, association with leading institutions worldwide and impeccable reputation helps us to deliver top quality education services.

Student Journey



It's normal to have jitters and worries when it comes to your future. The decisions we make today are the ones that help us reach our career goals in future. So, ensuring we make a good start is vital. Before you decide the course of your career or education ensure that you do a thorough research. Check and evaluate your options and what looks best to you. With the assistED mobile app we offer you a single platform to do this and more. With hundreds of study destinations having thousands of quality institutions, we offer you unlimited study programs to choose from and an easy to use platform to stay connected to the university throughout the process.


Predictive Analysis

With the assistED mobile app you get access to a prediction system that helps analyse the probability of admission for your specific profile to universities abroad. This means you can once and for all stop wondering if you are eligible to apply for a university. Our goal here is to ensure that we make your admission process as hassle free as we can. Hence by eliminating the guessing game we provide you with tools that will increase your chances of admission to your chosen program and give you end to end support along the way.


Admission Management

Once you have submitted your application to your chose university the process doesn't stop there. Constant and timely coordination is required with the university to ensure you follow all the procedures set by the university. With the assistED mobile app, we ensure that you get notified instantly when your application status is updated and you stay connected with your chosen university at all times. Added to that is our dedicated panel of experts who provide accurate and timely assistance to help you throughout the process from application submission to visa submission, accommodation, and more.



Setting up the financial aspects for your higher education can be a struggle, especially of it is on an international scale. Its not just the tuition fees that you need to consider when calculating your expenses the list includes things like accommodation, transportation, food and health. Before you begin this journey you need to plan for all this and more. We help you to get answers to questions like "am I eligible for a scholarship?", "where do I apply for a scholarship?", "what documents are needed for application?" and so on. With the assistED mobile app we offer personalized financial planning support for your specific profile so that your finances are managed perfectly when it comes to study abroad.



At the assistED we conduct regular Events with the help of out wide network of educators and industry experts so that you are kept updated with all that is new and trending in the international education industry. Participate in our many Webinars, Virtual fairs, workshops and more to know about various study destinations, universities, study programs, career prospects and more.


Ready to Go

The study abroad journey is a long one, and a journey for which you need to prepare well in advance. From travel arrangements, health insurance, banking, housing, etc there are too many parameters that you need to consider and plan for. With the assistED mobile app we help you through it all. From finding the right university and program to reaching your destination we stay with all the way!


Stay Tuned

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