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With the assistED mobile app searching for your favourite study program is easy, simply download the app on your mobile device, create your student profile and that’s it you are now free to start searching for your dream study destination. Our various search filters help you narrow down to the perfect option that meets all your requirements with ease. Once you find the options that apply to you, click on the ones of your interest and get details like university information, study programs available, scholarships, etc. What’s more you can even download any brochures or materials shared by the university right from the app! Download the app to know more.

Yes, the search facility on the assistED app offers you with the option to compare two or more universities based on specific criteria’s like tuition fees, accreditations, etc. Select the options that suit your need and click on the ‘Compare’ option to see side by side the differentiations and get a better idea on your choices to make an informed decision. You can also have the fees converted to your home currency within the app itself.

The assistED mobile app is exclusively designed to aid and assist students to apply to universities in Europe. With our vast network of university connections we ensure that every student gets the much needed support on the various procedures that lead up to his/her university admission. The services are not limited to specific study programs, which mean whether you are looking for a medical program, an MBA or a Bachelors/Masters in architecture, we have it all here with the dynamic assistED mobile app! To get the entire list of countries and study programs please download the assistED mobile app from the Google play store or the App Store.

Talk to Experts

Talk to Experts is a virtual counselling section that gives students an opportunity to talk face to face with our panel of experts. From university selection, application submission, scholarships to visa processing, accommodation and more you can get direct support for any and all queries you may have on the topic of overseas education. All you need to do is set up a date and time on the app and schedule a session with an expert of your choice and the choices are unlimited too!!

Absolutely! Our assistED experts are from all over the world so you will always find a whole list of experts available at your convenient time. Once you book your slot, the expert will confirm your slot and you will receive a confirmation email with all the details you will need to connect with the expert easily.

An assistED expert is a trained and experienced professional who has been in the student recruitment industry for quite some time. This means that they are fully equipped to provide you with any and all information you need to make a decision on your study abroad journey. If you have a specific inquiry simply select an expert with the specialization you are looking into and get on-to-one counselling FREE of charge.


The scholarships are offered based on the student profile and differ from country to country and then again from university to university. The application process will depend on what kind of scholarship you avail.

With the assistED mobile app finding your eligibility is very easy. Simply create your profile and connect with our experts through chat or book an e-Counselling appointment to have a real time discussion on your available options.

The assistED mobile app is a tool for students to prepare and process their university applications for higher education abroad. We provide information on each and every aspect of your application including scholarships. You can filter out the most suitable scholarship for your profile and get instructions on the application process and more. If you are still not sure simply connect with our experts and get step by step instructions on the process right from the app.


Absolutely! The assistED mobile app offers an easy to use interactive platform for students to communicate with the university on the status of their application. The students get instructions on the process and the universities often share important documents and relevant links on the platform as well. The process is kept transparent throughout to avoid any hassle during the entire admission process and even thereafter.

The first step is to download the app from Google play store or app store. Once you have registered with the basic information you will be directly taken to the Dashboard on the app. From here you can choose to search universities, study programs, talk to expert, check options for free education and more.

To apply to a specific program simply filter out the right option in the search and click on apply. Additionally you can also connect with our experts via the app chat facility. The experts will be able to tell you if you are eligible for a certain program or if there is a better option available for your specific profile.

The assistED mobile app has a notification system that ensures you remain updated with any and all changes that happen to your application on the platform. Once you have applied to any university within the app, every time the university puts in an update you will be instantly notified on the same and you can easily coordinate with the university, upload documents, make payments and much more from this single platform that is accessible to you at all times.

assistED does not guarantee admission to any university. We facilitate your admission to your chosen university by providing information and timely guidance. The decision as to if you qualify for a university lies exclusively with the specific university.

Visa Support

Yes, the assistED mobile app offers complete Visa Support by assisting you in each and every step of the visa process. From visa application to processing, documentation and interview the assistED mobile app helps you get through the visa process for any country with ease.

To know if you require a visa or not, or to know which type of visa you need to apply for, check out the visa support section of the app or connect with our experts. The experts are experienced in this domain and can give answer all your questions on Visa application including the process, interview questions and more.

To apply for your student visa you must first go to the relevant embassy website and fill out a form. The assistED app offers you ready to use links that you can click to get to the relevant page without having to search online. Not just that you can even get support on the documents to be submitted and how to prepare for your interview.

You can’t apply for a student visa until you’re accepted on to a course in that country. So, if you haven’t already done so you need to submit an application for the course you wish to study. Not only that, but you must ensure the course meets the country’s visa requirements. Your student visa acceptance will be determined by a number of factors:

  • Your country of citizenship
  • Your chosen destination country
  • The course you wish to study
  • The institution you wish to study at
  • How you plan to fund your study

Usually you will apply for your student visa in your own country. This will require you to visit an application centre. Here you will submit your application paper work and provide any biometric information required.

The places where you can apply for a visa include:

  • Embassy Office (of the particular country)
  • Consulate (of the particular country)
  • VFS

If you do not have any of the above in your home country you will need to apply with your nearest consulate

A foreign student may require to take-up any one of the following visa’s for the purpose of higher education abroad:

  • TRP (Temporary residence Permit)
  • Long term student visa
  • RP (Residence Permit) for Finland
  • Tier-4 (General Student) visa

Download the app and connect to our visa module for more comprehensive details

On a student visa you are allowed to stay for the duration of your course, as specified in your initial visa application. Once the course is completed the stay back options for each country will be applicable which can be anything from 6 months to 1 year or even more. For country specific stay back information please download the app.


The assistED forums are a platform for students to discuss and debate on topics of common interest. All you need is a valid assistED login which you can create by downloading the mobile app. Once you have the login details you can start using the forum and all the other features on the app. If you have a question or have an announcement or if you want to discuss on a topic with your peers, you can do it all and more with the dynamic assistED mobile app.

The forum is the best place to take up more generic questions like study destination, climate, course programs, etc. For queries on your profile it is recommended to connect with our assistED experts who can assist you with any and all questions on university admissions.

The assistED app users are diverse and hence you will receive comments on your Forum posts from students to experts and even universities. It’s best to post such specific information on the relevant boards to get best results. If you are looking for accommodation options then we recommend checking out the accommodation section of the app, where you can post your housing details (share/rent) and search for options as well.

The Forum is accessible to every app user, which means any query posted on the Forum will be seen by students, educational consultants and universities connected on the app. Depending on the nature of your query it will be answered by any or all of the above mentioned users. The best part is that you receive multiple options and suggestions and then the choice is yours to make!

Events & Webinars

The assistED mobile app is a platform for people involved in the international higher education domain. Hence all events happening on this platform pertain to international universities, study programs and study destinations. Educators and industry experts from all over the world take part in these events to share their knowledge and information with those looking to study abroad.

There is no such requirement for getting access to our online events. You can access the events from any laptop or desktop with a decent internet connection. Our webinars can be accessed from your android phones as well.

The assistED mobile app has something for everyone! From Gradate to Post Graduate programs, Diploma, Ph D and Doctoral programs, Language & Preparatory programs and many more. Our list of universities are diverse and our study programs unlimited so that you are never short of options when it comes to your higher education study options.

Once you have downloaded the mobile app you will receive notifications from time to time on the upcoming events. Alternatively you can check our Events section to find upcoming events. The app offers a onetime registration facility so that you don’t have to keep registering every time. Simply download the app and create your profile to get unlimited access to Webinars and more for a lifetime!

YUF (YourUniFinder)

With the assistED mobile app you get access to a unique system that caters specifically to universities offering FREE education. This system power by Artificial Intelligence has the capability to check your profile and recommend the admission probability to a host of universities offering FREE education easily.

When we talk about FREE education being offered by a university it mainly pertains to the fact that the student will need to pay NIL tuition fees for studying in the said university. However, it is important to note that all other expenses such as those related to accommodation, visa procedures, travel, etc will need to be handled by the student itself.


When you open the assistED app on your phone you will see your name on the dashboard with a pen sign next to it. To update your profile click on the pen sign or choose Profile from the menu. You can update your date of birth, location, address, etc in the basic Profile panel. The next step is to upload all your academic documents; this must be done in the third tab of your profile called ‘Documents’. Follow the steps below to upload the documents:

  • Click on 'Add Document' (the second option) --> select the certificate type (resume/passport/ or whichever document you intend to upload)
  • Choose the file from your phone --> Click on 'Submit'
  • If the file is uploaded correctly you will see it under the Documents tab automatically. Repeat this process for all your certificates & resume

Once you download the app some basic information is already set into your profile like your name, email, etc. This information is sufficient if you wish to simply browse the university listings. However, in order to actually apply to a university you are required to upload all your academic documents and complete your profile. To get assistance on this and to easily apply to multiple universities please contact the assistED expert at any time.

If you apply to universities via an assistED expert, then they will give you a free pre-evaluation which means an initial assessment on your eligibility to specific universities. The expert will help you apply to your chosen university and get timely updates on your application including confirmation of your eligibility and admission.

General Questions

To register for the assistED mobile app, you need to first download the app from the Google play store or the App Store. The app will instruct you on the steps to register and an email confirmation will be sent to your registered email id with the login details. You can also register and participate in various webinars and events via the assistED app. For more information please checkout our social media channels or write to us on

Absolutely, all the articles have social media sharing links available. Simply click on the icon and share to your group of friends or post on your wall. Sharing information is one of the noblest acts, keep up the good work!

The assistED mobile app can be downloaded via the Google Play store for android devices and through the Apple store for iPhone’s. If you find any difficulty locating the app please refer to our website for the link that will redirect you to the download page.

The assistED mobile app only takes the information provided by you within the app forms. The information provided will be used for your admission purposes and communication for the procedures involved. To get a complete info on our privacy policy please check the Privacy Policy document on the assistED website at

Universities have different takes on the application fees for international students. If a university has an application fees in its admission process then you will be required to pay that before you application is processed by the university. You can find out the amount and get assistance on the payment and the subsequent follow ups easily with the assistED mobile app.

There are many options to get connected:

Option 1: In app chat If you have downloaded the app then you can chat with any of our assistED experts in the Talk to Experts section and get any information you need on university application or any of the procedures involved

Option 2: Application updates, you can find this option in the app menu once you are inside the app. This section gives you access to any and all updates on your university applications and connects you with the university admissions team

Option 3: Whatsapp, you can connect with our team or the assistED experts on the Whatsapp numbers available on the website/social media or through the talk to expert section as well.

Option 4: email (, you can write to us about any queries you may have on your university admissions

Study in Europe

The main objective of ECTS is harmonization of Higher Education. The concept is workload, which means credits are based in workload and not the classroom hours. And the workload is considered as a combination of time spent in classroom + time spent outside the classroom, may be like library, etc. It make it easier for students to move between countries and to have their academic qualifications and study periods abroad recognised, in turn making studies and courses more transparent.

A student with a Schengen visa can visit other countries of the Schengen Area without any travel restrictions. This in fact opens the door to a world of opportunities for the potential students to pursue their higher education – let it be a Bachelor / Master or Doctoral studies, securing a degree from world class university and for your career success.

Many employers worldwide actively seek and evaluate the international experience of a candidate when recruiting. By studying with European universities the students will acquire the skills, knowledge and experience that employer’s value. All the institutions are corporate oriented and the students put into practice whatever they learn.

Yes, European universities are internationally acclaimed and have various accreditations to their name. The certificates issued are valid globally as well.

If you are taking up an English taught program then you do not need to have knowledge of the local language for taking up the program. However, if you wish to stay for an extended period of time in the country and live and work (even part time) it is more practical to have some basic knowledge of the language.

The cost of living in Europe will vary depending on the country you choose and then again in the area you wish to live. If you choose a location in the city centre then the living cost will go up, also if you choose a private accommodation the costs can be higher. On an average you can look at around 500 Euros at least to cover your expenses when studying in Europe.

IELTS is not mandatory for many of the universities on our panel. To find out if your chosen study destination or program requires an IELTS score please connect with our assistED experts.


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