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assistED – The all-in-one higher education app


  • The All-in-One Higher Education Mobile App

    The Abroad higher education app provides users with a much-needed common ground to not only browse for university information, but also to discuss and debate on a variety of issues and concerns that arise frequently, to share know-how on new programmes and universities, to counsel, and even to locate nearby agents/students, and so on. The software operates in a variety of ways to give students with constant guidance and fast assistance. Study abroad applications can help you make the most of your time abroad by enhancing all of your memories and ensuring that you have the most well-rounded and productive experience possible. Let's have a look on:

    Why assistED best mobile app for higher studies?


    By engaging you in person, assistED is committed to assisting students in realizing their study abroad dreams. The virtual services provided via the app ensures that students get all of their questions about Overseas Education answered from the comfort of their own home. Once you download the app you automatically get connected to our team of experts and can communicate with them via chat instantly.

    Get real-time updates of all universities

    The automated systems within the app provide a convenient notification provision so that you get instant updates about your files, latest events and more.

    Customized university content

    The assistED app provides customized contents based on your preferences so that you can search and locate your ideal study program at your convenience.


    Studying abroad is a big decision that requires a lot of thought. We offer webinars on all pertinent themes, including life in overseas nations, cities, and universities, as well as subject-related webinars and application & visa procedure information, to assist students on their way to study their course, University, and place of choice.

    Discussion Forums

    Students will be able to ask questions and obtain answers from University Representatives and Our Expert Counselors. The discussion threads on trending topics give clear insight into the various opinions, options and solutions for a specific question so that you can make an informed choice.


    The assistED App offers blogs on a number of themes, including career advice, cost information, and how to blend in when studying abroad. We enable students to look for specific courses provided all around the world for their own study programmes. We also have a section where you may get assistance on financial matters, admission criteria, visas, and study abroad options.

    Begin your flawless study abroad adventure with assistED, our all-in-one app. It's your go-to person who will support and advise you through the entire study abroad process. We've developed a network of counselors and experts that's always developing in order to provide a space that focuses on making every aspirant's ambition a reality. So, which is the Best free higher education mobile app?


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