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Best places to study in Europe


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    With 24 languages, 51 countries and over 700 million people Europe offers an excellent platform for international students looking to study abroad. It provides an excellent means of multi disciplinary learning and work environment and a rare opportunity to be in an international set up even before beginning their careers.

    Each and every country has its own strong points but today we are going to look at some of the sought after locations when it comes to European education for international students.

    • Germany
    For starters Germany is a Higher Education Paradise which offers Free education in most public Universities. With hundreds of academic courses to choose from you get endless job opportunities once you graduate. Some additional highlights include:
    380 officially recognised universities
    17,000+ study programs
    World class education
    Multi lingual & multi-cultural environment
    Global Peace Index ranking 16th in the world
    Economic and political stability

    • UK
    Student gets post study work visa
    Quality of education closely monitored by QAA
    Student ID can be used to avail discounts
    After 5 yrs student can submit for PR process

    • France
    Top ranked Business Schools with Triple accreditations
    Globally recognized degrees
    Paid internships
    Free French classes
    No IELTS/GMAT for admissions
    France is a world-class economic power
    Young talent is valued in innovation and entrepreneurship sectors

    • Sweden
    Creativity is central
    Coursework is challenging – in a good way
    Sustainability and the environment are in focus
    Equality and diversity are central to Swedish society
    Everyone speaks English
    Public transport is widespread, and it works
    Sweden is clean and safe, and the standard of living is high

    • Finland
    Top 3% universities in world rankings
    Affordable tuition fees
    25 hours / week allowed for part-time work
    Many job opportunities
    Only 4 years to permanent residency
    Available scholarships up to 50% - 100%


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