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Paradigm altering changes in study abroad


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    The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated what has already been in motion with regards to study abroad for a long time. Virtual meetings, classrooms, etc have been around for a long time but their applications were limited due to the simple reason that there was no apparent need for it.

    So what exactly can we expect from the year 2021 when it comes to study abroad? Let’s have a look:

    As part of the virtualisation initiative institutions are now experimenting with virtual internship programs and online programs in less commonly taught languages that are linked to an optional month long immersive experience in country

    Universities and colleges are also being lenient in terms of entry requirements and admitting students who so not have GRE or GMAT scores as part of the new admission criteria

    Waivers on application fees, financial support, revised fee structures are all being implements world over to encourage international students for opting for higher education abroad

    Apart from giving special concession to international students universities are now transitioning to taking online copies of degree certificates in order to eliminate the hassles of producing original copies in the current situation

    Course curriculums are being restructures to accommodate the changing times. Blended programs are now gaining popularity as they provide the much needed flexibility to institutions and ensure smooth conduct of education.

    Virtual teaching aids such as pre-recorded lectures, video calls, online assignments, and open book exams are being adopted.

    Universities are now offering virtual tours to students and their families and counselling them on the admission requirements, facilities, academic programs, etc virtually in an attempt to support the precautionary measure

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