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The perfect choice for your higher education plan


  • The Perfect Choice For Your Higher Education Plan

    Study abroad can be a very stressful experience in a student’s life. Too many decisions to be made in a short span of time and each is dependent on getting accurate information that is specific to your profile. The good news is that now you have a simple solution for this. Mobile app’s are the rage now, and the search is on to find an all in one higher education mobile app that suits all your needs!

    According to a study, students spend 89 percent of their media time on mobile apps and only 11% on the mobile web. Everything is becoming more digitized; students are spending more time on mobile apps, and universities and schools are relying on artificial intelligence. This trend is projected to continue, as 98 percent of millennial now own smartphones and use apps for almost everything, prompting students to ask, "Which is the Best free higher education mobile app?" These data indicate the importance of digital devices, and there is no indication that this cultural phenomenon will fade away very soon. It's accelerating at a fast pace, if anything!

    The education industry has recognized the genuine value of educational apps. However, developing a mobile app for education is not a simple undertaking. An educational app is most effective when students are able to learn and manage their educational activities in a smooth manner. The finest educational apps combine knowledge with a positive user experience. If you're looking for student-friendly, individualized educational apps, assistED is a great option. We have the experience, knowledge, resources, and everything else needed to build a top-notch higher education mobile app. In this sense, our Android and iOS higher education abroad app will speak for itself as the answer for “Why assistED best mobile app for higher studies?”.

    Finding the finest higher education mobile app helps you stay organized and motivated throughout your studies. Utilize the best that technology has to offer to get off to a quick start. If you're prepared from the beginning, you'll be lot more likely to make a clear study plan and stick to it, so assistED is a wonderful place to start!!


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