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The New ‘Omicron’ Variant could impact on study abroad travel plan


  • Omicron Variant Could Impact on Study Abroad Travel Plan

    While the entire world is writhing under the weight of the Omicron, a highly mutated new strain of COVID-19 concern is currently having a significant impact on international education, particularly in terms of student mobility. Because of the new Omicron virus, the admission procedures and travel plans have undergone slight changes like slight delays in visa decisions or the concept of ‘hybrid’ classes wherein students can take a few semesters off campus and then join in for the physical classes at a later stage. International students may find the situation a bit stressful but the good news is that governments and university officials are taking counter measures to mitigate the risks and ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all. It is not easy to identify how the new ‘Omicron’ variant could impact on study abroad travel plan, but one needs to understand the severity of the situation and take appropriate measures to work with the current situation and not give up on the dream to study abroad.

    Instead of getting overwhelmed with the effects of the virus and it’s advised to be prepared. Once you have your plans confirmed plan ahead to counter issues like reduced flight frequency, visa clearance delays, quarantine laws, country restrictions, etc. Students who wish to study abroad are eagerly applying to foreign universities while waiting to see how the additional precautions for the new strain would look. Many students who are preparing to attend institutions overseas have quit their employment, leaving them with no choice. Governments are responding to the hazards of the new coronavirus variety in an emergency mode, which is raising concern among travellers on how to get a student visa to study abroad. We must leverage the experience of the last two years as soon as feasible to transition to a coordinated data-driven approach that seeks safe alternatives to border closures, quarantine, and education.

    This isn't the end of the trip, though. It's only a speed bump. The world is rapidly changing and we need to adapt to the changes as well. So rather than getting bogged down by worries of the new ‘Omicron’ variant could impact on study abroad travel plan, roll up your sleeves and super charge your study abroad plans for 2022.  All the best!


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