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What makes Latvia such an attractive place to study?


  • Study In Latvia For Indian Students

    Latvians assert that the region is a symphony of sounds, sights, and sensations, and it is known as the land that sings. The Latvian government has placed a strong emphasis on education and implemented a number of educational reforms, making it an excellent study abroad location. So, if you are looking for a masters abroad Europe then Latvia must definitely be an option in your list.

    Universities in Latvia provide both fee-paying and state-funded higher education options. In order to provide government aid to the most deserving students, a comprehensive procedure of student selection is used for scholarship schemes. In Latvia, there are two types of higher education programmes: academic and professional. Although Latvian universities offer both of these programmes, there are a number of non-university institutes that only provide professional education to students like some of the MBA colleges in Europe.
    In higher education, the Bologna System is used, which is separated into three tiers: bachelor's studies, master's studies, and doctoral studies. After three or four years of regular education, a bachelor's degree is given. A master's degree, on the other side, can only be obtained after obtaining a bachelor's degree and completing one or two additional years of study. A master's degree or an equivalent qualification is required for doctoral studies. Doctoral studies last three to four years and include advanced study as well as the writing of a doctoral thesis.
    The most compelling incentive to study in Latvia is indeed the affordable cost of education. In comparison to several Western countries, tuition fees and other living expenditures are lower. Engineering is a popular course of study in Latvia, and the country's universities are known for generating high-quality engineering and IT graduates. You masters abroad Europe can be a truly rewarding experience if you choose the right program and university. With Latvia you are sure to find one that suits your profile to the "T".
    Every international student asks can international students work in Latvia before moving abroad for higher education. Working part-time while studying in Latvia is not forbidden for international students.


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