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Student Centric Services

img Return to school planning Challenge

The decision to study abroad is a momentous one for any student, with so many options available it can be confusing and at times overwhelming to take a decision.

img Profile Evaluation - Intervention

In order for a student profile to be taken up by a university the student must meet certain pre-requisites which typically involve his/her previous academic scores, language proficiency, etc. These parameters are different for different programs and may change as per individual universities as well.

img University Short listing - Resources

Now that the profile is evaluated, the next step is to find suitable options. Based on the student preference and their past education students can get a long list of possible study choices. Deciding the one that is most suited to your liking and budget is the next hurdle.


Impact Conclusion

With so much to do before you even begin to apply for a university program it becomes essential to have a clear understanding of all the steps involved. With the assistED mobile app you can now have complete support from start to end of your university admission process and have a dedicated support system at all times. The various services and features are customised to align perfectly with individual admission stages to ensure smooth and error free processing.

Numerous Study Options


Plan & Align

Planning your higher education journey involves various stages. The first and foremost is to plan out your study options. Your specialisation must clearly reflect what it is that you plan to take up as a future career and the study choice is typically one that supplements your career goals.



With your study options in place, the next phase is to get the necessary documents arranged and prepare for travelling and staying in a foreign country for an extended period of time. This involves a lot of research and study especially if you have never been to the host country before.


Define, Select, Evaluate & Decide

With the assistED mobile app the students get access to a streamlined and systematic platform that tells you what you need to know at the right time instantly. Students can easily complete the entire searching, selecting and deciding processes in one go right from the app and avoid spending endless hours in front of a PC/laptop and searching through hundreds of websites.

Responsive Platform

One of the biggest highlights of the assistED mobile app is that it provides a free flow of information throughout the student application life cycle. Depending on the requirement the student can choose to opt for public or private communication options and get instant responses to their queries.



There are various chat options available for a student depending upon their needs. The student can chat with an assistED expert or opt for an expert locally. They can get information on a wide variety of topics from admission, universities, visa, accommodation, scholarships and more. The student even has the option to set up a virtual session right from the app for a more personalised counselling experience.



In order to make the university admission process simpler the assistED mobile app now comes with an AI powered prediction system. This system checks the probability of admission to international universities for a specific student profile and gives suggestions on possible university options.



The assistED discussion forums are a great way to ensure you get a wide range of suggestions and options for your questions. The topics range from universities study programs, climate, clothing to food, transportation, scholarships and more. A very interactive and highly stimulating platform for anyone wishing to venture into higher education abroad!



To facilitate the smooth flow of information and to streamline the admission process the assistED mobile app comes with a CRM that helps students keep a tab on the latest updates of their university applications. The CRM has reminders and notification to ensure you do not miss any deadlines and a dedicated chat support to resolve any and all queries.

100% Free & Personalised


Every student is unique and so is their university admission process. Providing a standard template of instructions for admission is not an ideal solution. With the assistED mobile app students get a personalised approach to their admission process. An expert is connected to you who evaluates your profile and provides timely assistance to ensure you get the most out of your international higher education journey. From getting your documents ready to preparing for interviews our experts provide a much needed support to maximise your chances of admission to your chosen university.

Analytics Services

Performance optimization is a constant struggle for company's world over. With increasing competition in the education sector the challenge has become even more imminent. Before investing large sums in their marketing campaigns companies require information on - their customers, past campaign success rates, best performance channels, competitor activities and so on.

This information is very crucial and can be obtained by analysing data received from daily organizational activity collected over a specific period of time. The purpose of Analytics is to bring about actionable insights from this available data so as to enable the higher management to make better decisions and improve the overall business performance of the company.

assistED App offers exemplary services to provide analytic services that deliver holistic marketing analytics solutions based on your unique business needs.


Having established the need for an Analytics tool, the next step is to gain understanding of how exactly can we analyse the available data. Human beings are visual creatures. Physically seeing the facts and figures helps us to relate better with the information and thereby derive useful conclusions. The customisable assistED App dashboards are an excellent means to observe the various trends in the higher education sector and get deeper insights into the emerging market opportunities at a glance.

With the decades of experience to our advantage and the network of educators, consultants and industry experts, assistED App has been able to develop a dynamic Dashboard that analyses data in real-time and gives you statistical information on various facets of student recruitment from territorial segmentation of students to admission statistics bifurcated year wise and so on.

Different types of Dashboard:-

Which specialisation should our new Master's degree offer? Which fields are currently being under and oversupplied?


Which countries should I focus my marketing on for our faculty? Which students are interested the most to study in my country?


What are the upcoming countries of international students? How is the demand for degrees forecasted to develop over the next years?


It is not just spotting the emerging trends in the education sector that help managers to make good decisions. One needs to correctly foresee the future prospects and accordingly plan to bring about market expansion and growth of the business. So how do we achieve this ability to foresee, this is where Analysis comes into picture. This service incorporates reviewing of your existing marketing efforts, collecting data from various sources available, working with your teams to ensure accuracy and then last but not the least developing data models that support your future business decisions.

The various types of analysis offered as a part of the assistED App service pack include:

  1. Student Segmentation
  2. Marketing Analysis
  3. Opportunity/Threat Identification
  4. Analysis?
  1. Improve quality decision making
  2. Aid planning methodologies
  3. Increase chances of market expansion
  4. Reduce overall errors in processes followed

Tracking Services

Being aware of how many visitors are coming onto your website every hour and what are the different activities they perform on your site, helps you to measure the ROI(Return on Investment) of your marketing efforts. With our experts to guide you in this venture you too can track the outcome of your offered services for maximum output.

To learn more about the services offered

Team Experience

The assistED expert team consists of a diverse set of experienced and qualified individuals from the field of higher education. Each expert is specialised in one of the core areas of university admission and is fully equipped to handle any and all queries related to their domain. From admission expert, scholarship expert to visa processing expert, accommodation expert and more, we at assistED are here to offer you a wholesome experience when it comes to international higher education.

Client Satisfaction

From university enrolments, program selection, visa support to accommodation, scholarships and more the assistED mobile app ensures that you get accurate and useful information that is specific to your profile. Our extensive services ensure complete client satisfaction.

With an impressive array of universities and study programs and an equally streamlined.

Unique Data Resource

Data is our asset and we are proud to say that we have an unlimited supply of it. Whether it is information on countries, universities, study programs, scholarships or any other, find everything you need with just a click. Apart from all this information the assistED mobile app also features an impressive self learning prediction system that builds upon past records and provides accurate admission predictions for a student profile.


Maintaining transparency throughout all our proceedings is what makes assistED mobile app one of the most chosen apps by the student community. The technology implemented in all our systems ensures that all processes are streamlined and students receive timely notifications on each and every update.


Stay Tuned

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