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Europe is well known for its ancient culture, artistic monuments and picturesque landscapes. With cheap and easy travelling Europe has emerged as a very favoured destination for traveller's worldwide. Next to its tourism appeal, education is another arena where Europe excels considerably due to many factors.


European Countries / Cities

Countries like the Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Germany and UK are widely known for their educational institutions and every year thousands of students get admitted for a wide range of study programs to European universities due to its increasing popularity. London, Paris, Moscow are some of the widely publicised cities in Europe, closely following...


European Transportation

Once known to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World the modern European rail system spans the entire continent and provides efficient passenger and freight movement. There are numerous high speed rail passenger networks such as the TGV in France, LAV in Spain and even the Channel Tunnel that connects the United Kingdom with France. Depending on the...



The list of languages spoke all across Europe is long, it includes roman, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Latin to name a few. On a broader scale they are divided into three main language categories - romance, Germanic and Slavic. The romance languages are spoken in the western and Mediterranean parts of Europe where as the Germanic...


Cost of living

The primary attraction for expatriates and students alike is how affordable it is to live in Europe. With abundant cheaper options for accommodation, transportation and food, European countries prove to be relatively low maintenance from its competitors like the US, Canada, Australia, etc. You may be surprised to know that in some countries like...


European Education System

The European education system has a very rich and long standing history of providing quality education for centuries. When most countries support private colleges/schools due to the high commercialization of the sector, the European system strives to keep education separate from business. It is their very commitment to providing high quality...


The Schengen Factor

If you are someone familiar with Europe, then it's very likely that you have come across the term Schengen visa or Schengen countries. The Schengen area comprises of 26 different countries in Europe that have come together on an agreement to provide unrestricted movement between their borders.Out of the 26 Schengen countries, 4 are non...


What is the EU?

The European Union is a political and economic union that share common rules and regulations and is made up of 28 countries. Each of the member states is subject to binding laws which hold the union together and there is free trade across borders to enhance their global economic growth. All countries in the union have the...


Why study in Europe?

Higher education unlike others is a more specialised form of education. A student at this point in their educational career is looking to gain specific set of skills to aid his/her future. Which means the study programs taken up at this stage are require to being as practically implementable and relatable to real life situations as possible...


Highlights of Studying in Europe

There are many major advantages to choosing a European country for your higher education, low cost and high quality education being just a few obvious ones.
. High quality education Close collaboration with Industries
. Cutting-edge research
. Top Ranked Universities
. Latest specializations...


Why study in Europe with assistED?

The assistED mobile app is designed to make study abroad a more pleasant experience for you. With the assistED mobile app you get to access unlimited number of universities on a single platform. No need to spend countless hours surfing websites and search engines for latest information or getting unauthorised and incomplete information from random sources...


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