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With assistED, your study abroad journey begins here !


YourUniFinder - Artificial Intelligence ERP

Predicting your admission eligibility

We find your perfect study program and destination with ease and get access to a prediction system that calculates your admission possibilities to top international universities in no time.


Course Finder - Profile Setting - Apply - Application Update

Unlimited study options. Simplified application process. Effective coordination.

From Bachelors, Masters, PhD. Programs to Foundation Programs & Language Schools, we have it all. Search and apply to your chosen program and keep on track with the latest updates from the university all in one place!


Talk to Expert - Find agents nearby - Chat support

An expert adviser just for you!

Get sustained support from industry experts so that your admission process is not a nightmare any more. From application submission, scholarships, visa to interviews, tests, accommodation and more, you get a dedicated adviser to guide you through it all!


Scholarships - Internships

Your international degree will now cost you almost NOTHING!

It's true!! Find all the information on available scholarships that suit your profile for top institutions around the world with the assistED mobile app.


Accommodation - Visa - Travel

Find your home away from home!

Access wide range of housing options near universities around the world with the assistED mobile app. Search through our library and find the ones that suit your pocket and meet your expectations flawlessly.


RemiTap-e-Wallet - Edu Loan - Share & Earn

Secure payment options and a great earning opportunity

Hassle free payments with our premium e-remittance and payment platform that guarantees a hassle free experience. From online transfers, bill payments to mobile recharges and more it's all here on the assistED mobile app. What's more we even have a provision for you to earn a little something along the way!


Forum, News, Articles

Stay updated at all times

Find latest news on university activities, new visa regulations, amendments to international education laws, upcoming events and read up on articles on educational systems in countries around the world, career opportunities for various study programs, latest research and findings, etc and much more on the assistED mobile app.



Participate in events at a global scale

Register and participate in interesting events conducted across the globe by top educators and experts. From webinars to virtual fairs, workshops and more you can get access to both virtual and physical events conducted globally with just a simple click!


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