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Impact of COVID-19 on studying abroad in Europe


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    The Covid-19 has lead to a lot of reforms and drastic changes in our day to day lives. From travel entertainment to education, healthcare, etc every sector has gone through a revolutionary change. The international education sector is no exception to this as well. Here are some of the major changes in the sector that are to be noted if you are an aspiring student studying abroad.

    The Virtual classroom:

    One of the primary precautionary means taken was suspending any on-campus classes or activities. This was enforced strongly to curb the spread of the virus. Many courses are offered online through specialized portals for the first term and students can join the on-campus classes in the year 2021. Examinations are also either postponed or taken in different formats which support the Covid-19 precautions. The overall effect may result in slight delays in the award of degrees for this batch of graduates but will ensure minimal virus spread which is the ultimate aim in this case.

    Border Control and Regulations:

    Another means of control enforced in the initial stages of Covide-19 were the closing of borders for foreign nationals which means anyone who is not a national or a permanent resident is denied entry into the region. This includes closing of embassies and consulates as well thereby restricting movement of international students. However, things are slowly getting back on track with borders being opened with conditions, Covid-19 checks and strict quarantine regulations for travelers.

    Admission Pr-requisites:

    One of the hurdles that may be faced with students due to Covid-19 is the delays in getting their degrees and diplomas. With reduced staffing, reduced working hours, etc. due to Covid-19 regulations has caused institutions severe delays which affect the application capability of the students for universities further. As this is an unavoidable situation, universities are now coming up with counter measures to tackle the issue which is a major relief for students planning to take up a higher education abroad.

    University Admission:

    The traditional time lines for admissions have changed this time around. With deadlines being extended and semesters start dates postponed a lot has changed when it comes to admission procedures for higher education. Does this mean that enrolling for a program with an international university must be avoided? Not in the least! In fact we suggest you get started on it right away with the all new assistED mobile app!! From admission criteria’s, admission per-requisites, required documents to visa support accommodation, scholarships and more, we have everything you need to be on top of your game!


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