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Steps to install

Thank you for choosing the assistED mobile app

  • img If you are asked to confirm if you want to install the app from an Unknown source, select tp continue and enable the 'Unknown Sources' option in Security section of your phone.
  • img Once the download is complete you can find the file in your 'Downloads' folder. Click on the file and select Install.
  • img If your phone has other options/settings and displays a message asking for confirmation on installation, please be assured that you can proceed without a doubt. The app file will in no way hamper your phone usage or take any additional information other than what you provide.

Why am I to getting this message?

The assistED mobile app provides a wide range of features to its user which requires various permissions of your phone. This is the reason why you are asked for a confirmation. The assistED mobile app in no way violates user privacy and does not capture any additional information upon installation other than that which was provided explicitly by the user upon installation of the app.


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