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Best Apps for Students Living in Germany


  • Best Apps for Students Living in Germany

    In Germany, tens of thousands of overseas students are enrolled in academic institutions. International students are continuously looking for effective ways to adjust to life in Germany as the demand of this study location grows by the day. There has never been a better time to effortlessly adapt to living in new cities or nations, thanks to today's technological breakthroughs. As a result, here is a list of the top 5 necessary apps for students living in Germany, which you'll undoubtedly find handy.

    The assistED mobile App

    What are the absolute necessities for an international student who is currently enrolled in another country? An app that can help you locate everything from housing to internships to scholarships, as well as find active students in your area who have registered on the app and can help you reach out to them if you want to. The assistED mobile app includes a built-in chat feature that provides 24/7 online support. The assistED chat provides an immediate solution to all of your problems. It is unquestionably a necessary app in Germany and students find it really handy.

    DBahn Navigator

    This app gives you access to a variety of useful features as well as real-time travel information. With just a few clicks, you may book train, metro, tram, and bus tickets, as well as access real-time departure and arrival details and updates on the current wagon order.


    TransferWise is among the most convenient and efficient ways to send money internationally. In contrast to bank transfers, TransferWise allows you to save up to 8 times on transfer fees. TransferWise, on the other hand, is totally clear about the costs it charges for money transfers when many banks are not. This software would be extremely useful for students who need to send or receive cash from overseas, as it provides fair exchange rates and is completely trustworthy. It's simple and sensible.

    Google Translate

    To the assistance, Google Translate! Since its inception, this software has been assisting people in communicating effectively by providing quick and accurate translations through any language they desire. This is a must-have item for overseas students studying in Germany. Conversing is the finest technique to develop your language skills if you don't know the language. So why not begin with a few simple phrases that you can translate from your native language into German and work your way up?

    Google Maps

    Last but not least, Google Maps in all its magnificence! You may view the structure of roads, the locations of numerous cities and towns, as well as specific places, by simply downloading this app. It's one of the most useful maps available. Additionally, you can download a specific section of the map to use offline.


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