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How Bachelor's Degrees in the U.S. and Europe Differ


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    The decision to study abroad relies a lot on where you wish to take up the program. The location influences your overall study experience and your future prospects thereafter. Let’s look at some factors that differentiate the US and Europe bachelor’s degree programs:

    1. The time duration

    Typically programs in Europe are shorter in duration and specific to the chosen subject and go up to 3 years in duration. However, when it comes to the US bachelor’s degree take approximately four years. Though there are programs that may not take as much time like fast-track summer courses, Advance Placement programs, etc.

    2. The cost of education

    When it comes to the cost of a study program there is a noticeable difference in the fee structure of US as compared to their European counterparts. Europe offers tuition free education in countries like German, Austria, etc and a fairly subsidised rate for other countries that start in the range of 3000 to 4000 USD. Whereas, in the US a student may need to spend approximately 18,000 USD at the very least for an undergraduate program.

    3. Majors available

    One of the major differences in the education pattern for US & Europe is the selection of Majors. Fr bachelor’s degrees offered in the US the emphasis is more on providing general education courses that offer an overview of the different fields and then decide on taking up a specific major. Whereas when it comes to European education the emphasis is on becoming well-versed in the specific field and gaining knowledge both theoretical and practical in the chosen avenue. Students who have taken up these programs often feel that this pattern of education prepares them well for what lies ahead in their careers.

    4. Education Pattern

    The US higher education system mainly comprises of public institutions for research, smaller private institutions for liberal arts, rural institutions, etc. In contrast their European counterparts have institutions with programs in a wide range of specialisations that are globally connected to various businesses and industry partners internationally. With shorter course duration, affordable tuition fees and niche specific programs European education system attracts students looking for quickly entering into the job market and getting a more global experience.

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