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How much do consultants charge for abroad studies


  • How much do consultants charge for abroad studies

    Studying abroad is one of the most difficult decisions one can make. It is considerably more difficult to select the appropriate country and university to apply to, and then to travel there to continue further education. It can be challenging to select the right college and nation for your profile and goals. Your friends and family members may be able to help you out, but only with their limited knowledge. Perhaps a cousin studying abroad or a college senior can assist you, but this does not guarantee that you will receive competent advice!!

    When planning to study abroad, it is generally advisable to work with a reputable abroad study consultants with extensive experience in this field. They will give you sound advice, which is critical in terms of your career. This is a life-changing decision for you, so choose a consulting firm that is not only well-established but also has a solid reputation in the business.

    The prices that consulting firms charge their students are constantly scrutinized around the world. The high hourly fees charged by the most famous consultants in the market, in particular, tend to spark debate. The most important question is: how much do consultants charge?

    A list of education consultants see their rates as one of their most valuable competitive assets, so they treat their fee structure as a 'trade secret,' similar to how they treat salaries. Furthermore, because costs vary by area, client, and service offering, organizations maintain strict control over their fee structure to avoid reputational risk, public controversy, or having to renegotiate fees with clients.

    If you apply through abroad study consultants to universities that have a tie-up with the consultants, the consultants are paid directly by the university. Such consultants are paid on commission, so students do not have to pay any additional costs to the education counseling agency. Overheads, couriers, telephonic follow-ups, and other related charges all contribute to the overall cost of providing exceptional service. Consultancies recoup these costs by relationships/remuneration (representation fees) with institutes/universities, which are only paid if students enrol successfully.

    However, there may be instances where students have used the services of education consultants and have not enrolled at any of the Institutes for any reason, resulting in the University not reimbursing the overseas education consultants for their expenses, and to cover such occurrences, education consulting firms will charge a fee.


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