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Study abroad with Low to No tuition fees


  • Study abroad with Low to No tuition fees

    In Europe most of the higher education is funded by the government and the students avails the benefits in terms of subsidised tuition costs (nearly 1/10th o f the costs when compared to the other non European study destinations, application fee waivers, scholarships and bursaries meeting even the living expenses depending on various factors. On an average, the normal tuition costs can be as low as €1500 for international students, which is a very affordable fee structure and one of the top reasons for students choosing Europe to study abroad.

    The fact that countries like Germany, Austria, etc offer the option to study abroad for free to international students is yet another factor in the increasing surge of international student community to Europe.

    The high quality of higher education institutions in Europe is well known to potential employers and almost all the companies are closely associated with the universities, which in turn complements the placement of the students during their studies itself. The students get ample opportunities to network and meet a whole range of interesting business people or professionals within their chosen industry, which is guaranteed to help them gain more knowledge and enhances their career prospects.

    Studies have shown that higher education will play an increasingly important role in the world in the coming years with more and more need for skilled professionals. When compared on the parameters of openness, quality assurance and sustainable development, European countries showed remarkable level of advancements. In the European countries studied countries like Netherlands, Germany, Poland and France showed the most significant degree of openness.

    It is clear that the option to study abroad for free coupled with high quality education and the multitude of career prospects makes up the attractive package that is Study in Europe irresistible for a prospective student.


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