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IIT-Madras introduces Centre for Technology and Policy at its campus


  • IIT-Madras introduces Centre for Technology and Policy at its campus

    IIT Madras with the idea of empowering the youth to identify technology gaps in public policies, has introduced a Centre for Technology and Policy (CTaP) at its campus. This move will enable the youth to contribute to critical decisions in the country in areas like food, health, telecom and education.

    The newly opened center at the institute may also introduce a full programme on public policy in the next three to five years. A separate staff will work for the research center. Two senior fellow researchers have already been hired of which one has taken up the role of senior mentor informed Prof V R Muraleedharan, head of CTaP.

    The institute is yet to take grants from URD ministry and is funding the center by its own at present. The institute will work on research papers and reports on public policies. Many professors in the institute have already been doing projects in areas like telecom, power and housing which have implications for public policy mentioned Prof Muraleedharan. The Institute however invites participation from fresh graduates and experienced professionals as well.

    The center plans to raise fund through organizing monthly talks and workshops on public policy, especially for newly recruited bureaucrats apart from these research projects. The reports made will be discussed over round-table conferences to influence policy decisions at state and national levels.

    Prof Muraleedharan also said IIT-M, may offer a four-year normal BTech plus another year of public policy to begin within the next few years. A full programme in public policy elective for BTech students is also in pipeline. The institute already offers a public policy elective for BTech students.


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