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The new age of higher education


  • Higher Education in the Digital Age

    With the advent of mobile apps life as we know it has changed dramatically for students looking for higher education abroad. Every service or facility is expected to be available at your fingertips or more specifically at the touch of a button on your phone. From university search apps to virtual classrooms everything is not pocket friendly and accessible for the new age student. The challenge is to find an app that gives you accurate and specific information at the right time. The options are sadly limited when you consider the European education sector.

    Every year, thousands of non-EU students, look forward to apply for degree programmes, PhD programmes, and exchange programmes at Europe's top institutions and universities. Because living costs and tuition fees are lower several European countries are among the cheapest places to live and study in the world, making them an obvious choice for non-European students.

    Some of the top mobile apps for higher education provide a basic search provision wherein the student can filter out results based on countries, study programs, etc. This is a useful feature but fails to support the student who may be unsure of where to start or what to look for in the first place.

    If you want to study abroad, getting your master's or bachelor's degree from a European university the first thing you need to know is where in Europe do you wish to study? Are you looking to study in Europe with scholarships? Are you looking for a program without IELTS? Getting answers to these questions can radically transformed your life for the better thanks to excellent academics and a multicultural environment.

    To get a clarity on these aspects you need a top mobile apps for higher education that provides an interactive interface and an end-to-end support system. From assistance on university counselling for higher education, assistance in application submission, interview preparation and documentation to visa support service to study abroad, locating accommodation and more.

    The assistED mobile app is one such tool that brings together all these aspects of study abroad. With a wide network of university spread across the entire European continent and an experience d team of university and admissions experts the app ensure that your university application process runs smoothly from start to finish.


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