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Scholarships in Europe for international students


  • Scholarships in Europe for International Students

    One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to study abroad is “Are there any scholarships for international students who wish to study in Europe?”

    The answer is ‘Yes’, there are scholarships in Europe and in certain cases even full or partial tuition fee waivers. The criteria’s vary from country to country and from university to university. There are even grants offered by government and non-government organisations, philanthropic institutions, etc for international students. There are usually some scholarship schemes funded by European states’ governments that explicitly address international students. Other scholarships in Europe address mainly national applicants – but international students, once they are admitted to a university and study in the country are eligible to apply.

    Depending on the applicable criteria European governments and universities are known to offer scholarships that include not just the tuition fees but sometimes even accommodation and other living expenses. There are specific scholarships for bachelors and many dedicated scholarships for masters programs in Europe.

    There are different kinds of scholarships and grants:

    • Starter Scholarships

    • Academic Scholarships

    • Governmental scholarships

    • Partial scholarships for the living expenses

    • Social Grants, mostly publicly financed

    • Scholarships for internships within Europe during your studies: Erasmus+ traineeship

    • Scholarships for study within Europe during your studies: Erasmus+ scholarship for studies

    • many more….


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