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What to look for in a mobile app for study abroad?


  • What to look for in a mobile app for study abroad?

    It is safe to say that it will take some time for us to get out of the current crisis. But that does not mean we stay put and not move forward. Students in the international higher education sector had to face some very new challenges due to this situation, with travel bans, embassy closures, Covid-19 restrictions and so on. It was difficult to even get basic information that was updated to the present situation.

    Students and lecturers in higher education can now employ a whole new set of tools to enhance and enliven the learning experience thanks to computers and smart devices. Apps created specifically for use in the education sector have enlivened things, and their effective application in higher education can improve the rate, quality, and longevity of knowledge absorption dramatically.

    So what are the things that you look for in an international higher education mobile app?

    For starters, you need for it to be easy to use; any app that has too many buttons to click or checks and filters is going to get uninstalled in a minute! A good search tool that helps you find universities that match your requirement is a big plus for sure in any higher education mobile app. With so many apps offering this feature, it can be a bit tricky. Look for one that gives you just the right filters and the results are displayed in an organized and readable fashion to give you all the major points about the universities like the location, study programs, accreditations/rankings and so on. If it gives you a provision to compare them then that’s icing on your cake!

    Every higher education mobile app comes with some sort of an article/blog section that gives information on top destination, study programs and what not. The thing to look out for is whether they are really relevant and giving you points to analyze your options or just repeating what’s already available online. Latest news on universities, embassy updates are some other useful features that bring up the quality of any international higher education mobile app.

    Let’s say you find some options on the app but it is not always that simple. You may have a unique profile, or may have started the process already but are facing some blocks. In such a case its useful if the higher education mobile app to have a support system of some sort like a chat feature that will help you put forth your questions and get some usable advice. Most international higher education mobile apps in the market provide bots or pre-programmed chat bots that give set answers to any question which is not what one looks for. Look for an app that connects you to an executive or expert so you can put up your specific query and get some quality response in return.

    It is a blessing to be in the Information Age right? Make the best of it by choosing the right app for your needs.


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