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How do you reminisce about your study material?


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    You've most likely developed a method for learning new content and studying in general during your school years. But what if it is ineffective or even incorrect? The majority of students simply review their study materials over and over again, which is a passive method of learning and remembering.

    The European education system implements a more active strategy, such as using notes, diagrams, self-examination, making associations, and basically giving students a more practical approach to studying. Whether you are pursuing free education in Germany, getting your bachelor’s degree Europe or masters the general approach to higher education in most universities is as mentioned above and this hand on approach encourages students to develop the required skills and expertise in their chosen field of study with ease.

    Ask yourself questions about the study material

    Instead of rereading the notes you took during the lecture or from the textbook, you might apply a simple yet efficient approach called questioning. Rereading the study materials multiple times will only give you the false impression that you know and recall everything. Put a stop to it right there! Divide the text into a few sections and come up with appropriate questions for each. Start by writing down the questions and ask yourself - If you're having trouble answering and think you're missing anything, go return to the section that pertains to your question and look for the solution there. Because you are not just repeating what you have read, but also answering real questions that may resurface in your work or life, this learning strategy increases your memory and also provides you a deeper grasp of the study material.

    Visualize the study material

    Make diagrams of the data you need to remember. First and foremost, you must have a thorough comprehension of the study content in order to develop a successful picture. Second, you must locate and summarize the most pertinent material on a certain subject. Finally, you'll need to figure out how to make the visualization intelligible and concise. These three phases are all active learning techniques that can help you remember the subject more quickly. The final and most significant benefit of this strategy is that it allows you to tie large blocks of text and your notes to a single figure or table. Even in the final hours before the test or exam, you can use all of the visualizations you made when revising the study material.

    Arrange your study time

    Students have a frequent habit of studying at the last minute – for some, this works perfectly, but only for the purpose of passing tests. It is obvious that passing tests and forgetting everything you have studied in the previous few days the instant you pass them is a recipe for disaster. You will not be able to use the material you studied in your future tests or in your daily life. The ideal strategy is to study for a longer length of time while taking breaks. While you're sleeping, prepare your flashcards and questions. Always remember that you have taken a big decision for your future and invested your time & money into this. Some of the best places to study in Europe offer free education but this doesn't mean that there is no cost incurred. The value you associate with your education is reflected in your approach to the curriculum and classes. Be it free education or paid tuition you have made a commitment and must follow through.


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